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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 28, 2016 9:00am-9:59am EDT

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n dunkin'. >> anchor: now at 8:00. wet and windy drive in to work. timing out slow improvements and what time we have a break. >> breaking news, firefighters putting out flames at two boats tied to a dock where they believe the fire started. >> say good-bye to tolls along the pike. all electronic tolling goes live tonight. >> scare on the runway for vice-presidential candidate mike pence. the tense landing as trump campaign plane fishtailed before stopping in a patch of grass. >> complete new england news coverage. starts right now. this is fox 25 morning news. >> anchor: happy friday. it is 9:00, october 28. i am daniel miller. >> and good morning everyone. i am julie grauert.
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and another batch of showers as well. meteorologist shiri spear in fox 25 news storm tracker weather center with time line on the rain. >> weather: nothing much to brag about right now. everything coming together. visibility is an issue this morning. we have really murky conditions. especially toward bedford and worcester. but no dense fog. great news. lingering showers out there. up across mass/new hampshire border right now. boston at 52 degrees. very cloudy. 41 in worcester. 50 in portsmouth. shore and seacoast because these are towns and cities with lingering rain showers from ipse i have two salisbury to kensington. so ipswich hour-by-hour forecast involves things drying out here within likely the next hour to hour and a half. so by lunch time we will be talking about dry conditions. fingers crossed for a couple of breaks in clouds. do not get too excited about it, another batch of showers will develop during the afternoon. look at that. temperatures dropping for the
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it will fob the weekend. how much dryer and brighter it will not be weekend. those details coming up when i am back with you in 10 minutes. julie grauert is back with traffic. how is it going? >> reporter: we are still waiting for slower spots to clear up. 128 southbound sluggish through lexington. >> even though earlier accident attripello has been cleared. new accident approaching zakim bridge on 93 south. as you head south of the pike. things slow as you may expect, on the expressway. heading from to quit for pike. i will have a look at the drive times in a few minutes. >> first go to breaking news in new york city. live look out there. there are reports someone is climbing the tower on the george washington bridge. that's the bridge between new york and new jersey. upper level of the bridge is closed. you can see actually, on that far right-hand side commuters heading into new york. washington heights area.
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but folks going to jersey. all of those emergency vehicles, all the police cars. looks like there is an ambulance or two. and this is going to cause major delays for commuters in that area. and if you look close right there. looks like there is some people in neon yellow. few police officers. and we do not have any sort of details about who the person may be. except for that guy in upper right-hand corner. we do not have confirmation on identity. that is strapped in, with a helmet on. can we listen into the chopper pilot? i am hearing him in the ear. really remarkable live pictures of the dwb. and again this location is between jersey and new york city. we will continue on follow this for you. throughout the morning. >> anchor: we are also following breaking news in medford where firefighters are putting out a boat fire at the mystic wellington yacht club. officials say they were able to
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the dock. they say it appears it was the boat's fuel tank that caught fire. no injuries have been reported. again, this is happening in medford. >> and this morning, the trouble on the pike begins. we will be dealing with it for the next few months. crews are tearing down the toll booths. >> in their place will be overhead monitors ready to capture your license plate and send you a bill if you do not have an e-z pass. if you do not have an e-z pass yet. do not worry. fox 25 news michael henrich live at the weston tolls this morning giving you a break. michael? >> reporter: well they are making it as easy as possible to get an e-z pass. order it online. go to one of the e-z pass shops with different plazas along the pike. and you can really get it at a triple-a office as well if you are a triple-a member. so lots of ways. and offering grace period for those that do not have it. get to that. first point your attention again to tolls that we know.
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tonight. here in west end. and throughout the common wealth. at 10:00. 15 minutes later. the gauntree. 16 gauntree with sensors built across the pike. they will go live. start collecting toll information. so here is how it works. either get billed through a massachusetts issued e-z pass. which again is free to get. and comes with a toll discount. you can also use out of state transponder that dsn or the gauntrees will snap a picture of your license plate. and mass dot will send you a bill that comes with an additional providing fee attached to the. to that said mass dot is issuing that six month grace period for pay by plate customers. meaning if you get a pay by plate bill in the mail. and apply for a new e-z pass transponder when you are paying for that bill. you will later get a credit for the discount on your new
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well one insurance agent said that for those people that are doing pay by plate it is really important that they have updated address information for their license and registration. >> if they do not have correct address on record. if you go through a toll. they will send the notification to that address. and then if you do not pay it builds up and registration could be revokeed for non-payment of funds. >> reporte e-z pass if you want to pick it up. i spoke an hour or so ago with a spokesperson that said a lot of people are doing that over at the natick plaza. and lots of people going in and walking out with their transponder right there. daniel. >> anchor: what is difference in price for e-z pass and versus those without it? >> reporter: the bottom line here. okay. so it is complicated. because you are talking about 16 different gauntrees and each one has a different amount to pay
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difference between e-z pass and pay by plate of five or 10 cents. some have as much of a difference as 55 or 60 cents or more. so it really does vary. but incentive is there. to get the e-z pass. daniel? >> anchor: reporting live for us this morning. fox 25 news is committed to helping you to get through this impending traffic trouble on the pike. we will have triple team coverage monday morning. michael henrich will be back live at the toll plaza monday. i will be in a car driving the and julie grauert will update drive times and pointing out trouble spots every 10 minutes. >> anchor: new this morning. burglary call turns into a swat standoff in new hampshire. look at the scene on ocean boulevard. near the beach last night in hamp tonight. you can see police blocking off the area. around the maryian motel after responding to a burglary call 8:30. and union leader reports at some point during the investigation. a man fired a gun at police. barricade would himself on the
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guests were evacuated and swat team swarmed the area. 1:00 this morning. police discovered the man was dead. his identity has not bebreleased and police have not said how he died. >> anchor: 9:07. happening this hour. nts. and faa are in new york to investigate a rough plane landing. vice-presidential candidate mike pence landing when plane fishtailed on runway. this is video from inside of the plane. fox news reporter posted it on showing him and other reporters greeted by sea of emergency workers. weather in new york similar to what it was here last night. cold, wet, windy. investigators looking to see if that played a factor in this wild landing. >> republican vice-presidential nominee mike pence's plane skids off the runway thursday night while landing at laguardia airport. and in the towers audio recording controllers heard telling pilots eastern stop. stop eastern.
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3452, we are getting help for you. members of the press on board describing the frightening experience. >> hard landing. and then you could feel the plane fishtailing toward the back. >> reporter: aircraft coming to a sharp halt in the grass on the side of the runway. reportedly undamaged. and although there was apparent damage to runway itself. due to safety materials designed to break apart. >> approximately 80 arrester bids were destroyed. arrester installations at the end of runways. >> reporter: once the plane was stopped. pence walked to the back to check on the press. then speaking with first responders, outside. after the incident, he tweeted out a thanks to emergency crews that responded. and hillary clinton writing on twitter that she was glad no one was hurt. and trump also weighed in. mentioning the incident briefly toward the end of his speech at a rally in ohio.
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and he is fine. >> [applause] >> he got out. everyone is fine. >> reporter: governor pence's spokesperson thanked everyone for making sure no one was hurt. governor plans to be back on campaign trail today. he has stops scheduled in pennsylvania and north carolina. >> anchor: donald trump is taking his campaign to new hampshire today. and it is the republican eighth visit to the state since win go primary there in votes but key battle state in election. trump running out of time to dump $100 million into his i own campaign as prompted. he has donated $56 million of his own money. and yesterday he e-mailed supporters a personal three to one match o last minute donations. and meanwhile democratic nominee hillary clinton raised $57 million in first 19 days of october. and trump only raised half that amount of the clinton is in
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for first time with michelle obama and urged voters to stay engaged because outcome of the election is uncertain. mayor walsh will go to pittsburg to campaign for clinton this weekend and joe biden might not be done with the white house yet. politico reports by deny isford secretary of state if hillary clinton wins the election. then senator by deny served as chair of the senate foreign relations committee before becoming vice-president. and he has been critical of donald trump's re russian president vladamir putin. >> anchor: new poll showed massachusetts voters are split on expanding charter schools but favor legalizing marijuana. the latest suffolks university boston globe poll showed 49 percent of likely voters support legalizing marijuana and 42 percent oppose it. and ballot question two would allow for 12 new or d anded charter schools per year. and rioters are much more undecided here. 45 percent support the question. 45 oppose it.
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throughout the day. we will update you on air and on our website. >> we track traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. and i am still watching our traffic flows north of the pike. things looking better on 128 southbound. as you go through lexington. shiri? >> weather: i have winds picking up a bit here. we have 30 miles an hour gust in worcester. 32 miles an hour in nantucket. our wind advisory has expired. look how breezy it stays into the afternoon. we could see 20-to-30 miles an hour gusts out there. i have showers tha come in to play here for the afternoon plans. timing them out. future cast. and taking you into the weekend. when i am back with you in a couple of minutes. >> anchor: security breach involving aaron hernandez under investigation. why his defense team never knew the prison phone calls were being tapped.
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massachusetts has many great public schools, and we took it for granted that our kids would go to great public schools. but some kids aren't so lucky. where they live, they don't go to a great school, no choice. imagine if your kids were trapped in a failing school. public charter schools give parents a choice and are a pathway to success for these kids. if you like your school, question 2 won't affect you. but question 2 will change the future for thousands of kids who need your help. please join me and vote yes on question 2.
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>> anchor: happening today. a machine accused of robbing a boston bank will head to court. he may have figured it out with a mask and get-away car but he did not know there was a police officer inside of the bank. jessica reyes is live at the west roxbury bank. the bank closed yesterday so police could investigate? >> reporter: yes. closed for awhile jile. this morning it is back open after a scary situation here. the guy's plans were really pretty much when he walked into the bank with a mask and saw a police officer inside. this morning, we are hearing some of the radio calls that she made that led to his arrest. >> red sweat shirt. mask on his face. in a red sedan. on to spring street. >> reporter: that officer was working detail. that's her calling for backup. whole thing started inside of the city of boston credit union.
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walked in with a mask and bag in hand. officer said take off the mask. hand over the bag. but he demanded her gun. there was a standoff fee couple of minutes. because she did not know what he had in the bag. and eventually she did grab it. that's when he tried to run. and she chased after him. while doing that. she made quick radio calls you heard. boston police captain made it here in a matter of minutes. he down the suspect couple of blocks from here. not first time involved in an attempted bank robbery. he was parole, the suspect, for very similar crimes. trying to rob a bank like this one with a mask on. so we know he has a long criminal history. back in a courtroom again this morning for his arraignment over at west roxbury district court. we will have a crew there as soon as that gets started. live in west roxbury. jessica reyes fox 25 news. >> anchor: 9:18.
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wearing joe gapants sparked a parade outside of his home is not back indown. he sent a letter to baring ton times saying yoga pants belong in a studio and women over 20 should not wear them in public. public outcry was west and fierce. now he tells providence journal his letter meant to be funny. satear exactly exercise in free speech. points missed by people making threats and personal attacks. tease here. letter trying to publish. >> anchor: tracking weather and traffic together. every 10 minutes. things improving on 128 southbound through lexington. expressway slow around morrissey heading northbound. and over to those live drive times. 19 minutes on route one, 128 to tobin. 38 minutes on 93 south. 42 minutes on 128 southbound from peabody to weston tolls. >> anchor: meteorologist shiri spear joins us now with same improvement on the roads. and as well as the forecast. >> reporter: rain is moving
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but we are not done. you can see it is a nasty morning out there from jile's cameras to our drive to work. to what you are seeing right now. this is boston, 52 degrees. southwest breeze at 16 miles an hour. and not terrible but some strong wind gusts, something we will monitor through the day. i think rain threat will stay in moderate category. not creating flooding. but a nuisance. threat for fog is low. it is out there but not dense. so again it should not create but it is not pretty. so rain totals coming in. reports brand new. this is first time i am showing them. lin, 2.12 inches of rain since yesterday. i told you north shore was hit hard. especially during the morning hours. soaker out there. we had almost 2 inches of rain in orleans. milford 1.34. and inch and a half from chelmsford down to chelsee. 1 inch in duxbury overnight. this is the showers right now.
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hampshire. the hard hit rain right now is maine, northern maine seeing snow. locally. it is all rain chance today. and although i do tend to expect we will stay dry through lunch time for most of us. noon time on the screen we have a slight risk of southern new hampshire showers. but then we have showers pivoting back toward the coastline here for the afternoon. that's the risk for spot rain coming in for drive home from work for bus stop pick up. things are wetter. do not retire umbrella i don't see heavy rain at 5:00. but enough to make the roadways wet for drive home from work. you know that could slow things down. evening plans, still that slight risk for some lighter showers across eastern massachusetts. through about midnight. so temperature wise right now we are 52 in boston. 41 worcester. 53 in lawrence. norwood 50. go down to norwood for a moment of it is dry. breezy right now, and look at
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afternoon. we get hopefully a couple of breaks in the cloud cover here. through lunch time. and temperatures sink back to 40s. and keep going. lower 40s here for your evening plans out there. so count on things to get cooler. backwards. usually it warms up. shed the coats into the afternoon. that is not happening. you are 49 this afternoon in boston skips witch. 42 in worcester. 45 in manchester new hampshire. and couple of lower 50s out across the south coast and cape and islands. over the weekend. temperature wise tomorrow. 57 in bst couple of sunday 60s out there. down across southeast mass. i will warn you. now sunday looks like a better chance for getting a few showers out there. this is why we have a front that will be dropping into the area. i know, future cast is not paint for example a wet picture. i will step in and say, with that disturbance in the area we could spawn a couple of spot showers here sunday afternoon into sunday evening. so keep that on radar right now and continue to follow-up. 50 degrees is your temperature
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it is getting cooler into the afternoon. it stays breezy. few more showers to go. partly cloudy tomorrow. 58. slight risk of showers for southern new hampshire. and 60 here on sunday with slight risk for some rain. into monday for trick-or-treaters. high temperature of 53 degrees. and trick-or-treating temperatures are back into the 40s though. and it is looking. great it is looking dry. and calm. and tuesday, another quiet day of 58. and we have the chance for showers returning on wednes >> anchor: a courtroom take down. fox 25 news investigates obtains the exclusive video. and ask why were u.s. marshals tackling unarmed man. plus hospital turns a tough time for new be patients into a day of blasts. joanne: she's not fooling me. britt: kelly ayotte sides with the special interests. vivian: now, she's even playing politic games with medicare.
9:23 am
while protecting tax breaks for the wall street banks and big oil companies that fund her campaign. fred: kelly ayotte sold us out. britt: with kelly ayotte, it's all politics. joanne: she's not looking out for new hampshire anymore. vo: senate majority pac is responsible
9:24 am
uh, first of all, i plan to vote for donald trump. when it served her purpose, ayotte buddied up to trump, even calling him a role model. oh absolutely, i would do that. but she kept playing politics and flip flopping around. ayotte is running away from trump as quickly as she can. and what she values is her seat. and she's trying - to keep something she values. - i know. kelly ayotte. the politician. looking out for herself. seiu cope is responsible for the content of this advertising. ready to head out when others head home.
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egetation, improving how we get information to you because we know you're counting on us. we're ready for winter, and we want to make sure you're ready, too. visit to learn more and sign up for storm updates. and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter.
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>> anchor: a paralympic skier known for creative halloween costumes back at it. josh sun quest decided to be luminaire from beauty and beast this year. sun quest lost a leg to cancer as a child and likes to take advantage of his unique body shape when choosing a costume. in past years he has gone out as i-hop sign. and foosball player. and la hospital's halloween celebration is full of treat. babies in intensive care at st. luke's hospital celebrated first halloween in style with specially made costumes. march of dimes provided attire. and photographers donated time to document the occasion. and parents say they are grateful for everyone that helped them to celebrate their child's first halloween. photographers plan to get the pictures to the families by monday to have them in time for halloween. >> anchor: just in time for halloween.
9:27 am
in space. this picture showed exploded star. object at the core spins 30 times a second creating deadly magnetic film scene. nebbla taken in black and white in 2012. nasa added green color this year to give it an eerie glow. >> anchor: so scientific of you dan yes. we have temperatures in lower 50s through the rest of the morning hours. mostly cloudy skies. show you when we have number two of showers and strong this is where the oil billionaire koch brothers number two of showers and strong hosted a fundraiser for kelly ayotte... this is where ayotte voted with the koch brothers 90% of the time. ayotte's campaigns collected millions from corporate interests. and voted for them, not you. she voted wall street banks billions in write offs for executive bonuses. voted big oil billions in tax breaks. but kelly ayotte voted against letting families refinance student loans. and against lowering the cost of prescription drugs. kelly ayotte's
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onsible for the content of this advertising. robert kearney: i fought for my country in kosovo and iraq, and i've been a republican all my life. but i'm the father of three girls. i can't stand hearing donald trump call women pigs, dogs, and bimbos...and i sure don't want my daughters hearing it. i want my girls to grow up proud and strong, in a nation where they're valued and respected. donald trump's america is not the country i
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y25w7y ykny >> complete new england news coverage continues right now. this is fox 25 morning news. >> anchor: good morning everyone. welcome back. it is 9:31. on friday before halloween. and ominous skies out there. cloudy. cannot even see but we are talking halloween costumes. what is to come. tough weather. >> anchor: bundle up. >> weather: tough weather but give a teaser. halloween forecast is amazing. fantastic. 51 degrees in boston right now. cloudy skies. you saw murky look. low clouds. murky. showers moving into southern new hampshire. north shore drying out. it has been an absolute soaker this morning. worcester at front.
9:31 am
we have a couple of stragglers for showers. and we have temperatures right now low to mid 50s down across the south shore and over cape and islands. same deal there looking dry and mostly cloudy in boston clouds. guess what? 51 degrees. 50 degrees at noon. i would not be surprised to see a few breaks in cloud cover. but i am not holding my breath for it.
9:32 am
half an hour on expressway, 33 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the zakim bridge. >> anchor: speaking of traffic. we are bracing for it on the pike. today it is the end of the road for toll booth along the mass pike. starting late tonight. open road tolling goes online. >> anchor: news means you cannot pay cash for tolls but it is the construction that is a big talker. fox 25 news michael henrich is live at the weston tolls along michael all morning you have been saying say farewell to tolls because they are coming down. >> reporter: yeah, they are coming down. and process will not be easy for commuters. certainly will add traffic congestion in the coming weeks and months. but long-term mass dot said that it will be worth it. these tolls, say good-bye to them at 9:45 tonight. at least when it comes to them taking your money.
9:33 am
across the pike. over the last several months. those will start to collect your tolls. again at 10:00 p.m. tonight. throughout the weekend commuters on pike will start to see construction crews getting ready to tear down the center lane booths at the different toll plazas. so that will push traffic to outer lanes causing backups. demolition itself will start sunday night to monday. last until november 22. that's what mass dotal and then phase two starts. mass dot said then they will start to go after the outer lane booth and taking down the buildings you see besides the different toll plazas. phase two will last through the end of 2017. >> i don't like the idea of everything being automated. >> it will make life more convenient they say. we will see if it comes to
9:34 am
online yesterday. picking up their ez-passes. for the first time. they were some of the holdouts there. now a lot of people, who do not have ez-passes. will look at it for the first time. because if you're charged based on the gauntree taking pictures of the license plate. mailing you a bill called pay by plate system you will be charged more than someone with an e-z pass. an extra incentive to get on board with the all electronic tolling p michael henrich, fox 25 news. >> latest trouble for the orange line is revealing even more problems for the aging transit line. this week an orange line train filled with smoke and people could not get out. because the doors would not open. now some state and city leaders calling for much needed upgrades. fox 25 news catherine parrotta is at back bay station with proposals that could increase taxes. >> reporter: this morning fiscal management advisory board
9:35 am
it is unknown if or how much they will discuss the issue that happened on orange line earlier this week. but than incident does have passengers and officials calling for change. >> it was a chaotic scene. smoke filling orange line cars as train left back bay station. passengers braking and climbing out windows when doors would not open. when fox 25 news rode orange line during rush hour yesterday passengers expressed concern. >> obviously, need better emergency systems in place. >> see go 3 inches closer. with about 40 other people that close to you. cannot move. >> reporter: t tells fox 25 news all the emergency protocols were followed except the motor person failed to make proper announcements. if he had followed training customers would have heard he was walking through the train to open each door, employee will be retrained for handling emergency events. t said the doors need to be manually opened for passenger safety. >> it is the way the cars were designed.
9:36 am
>> reporter: but t's aging infrastructure has passenger and city officials concerned. and mayor walsh is suggesting a 10-to-15 year master plan to upgrade t infrastructure and set a push for temporary tax or fee may be necessary to get it done. and for now, one thing is clear. >> there is no quick fix for orange line. we will have to wait until the signals are improved. and you know, new cars come in. >> reporter: while mayor walsh is calling for more investment bakerd problem but poor management when it comes to t. union fired back to globe saying that sort of position takes focus away from trains falling apart. at back bay station. catherine parrotta, fox 25 news. >> anchor: only fox25 investigates security video inside of a federal courtroom boston and take down of suspect raising questions about use of
9:37 am
marshals handcuff james masarro. shouted profanity and dragged him across the courtroom. one marshal kicked him at least three times after he appeared to already be handcuffed. masarro's fiancee in the courtroom. >>i turned around. because i couldn't see it. and all i heard was one of the marshals screaming mother f'ing, i will break your mother f'ing wrist. i couldn't listen any more. i had to leave. >> reporter: incident happened back in march. days for probation violation. according to court records masarro was emotionally distraught and refused to put his hands behind the back to be cuffed. in an e-mail judge wrote, the lead marshal was aggressive and profane from the start. but, i think, necessarily so. it is important to note the judge does not control the marshals. masarro is locked up on new charges. resisting federal officer and his fiancee in court records confirm he has a history of
9:38 am
incident in the courtroom because of the pending case. and they did e-mail a statement to fox 25 news saying u.s. marshal and corrections officer were injured during the take down. >> anchor: new twist involving convicted murderer aaron hernan departments. someone tapped a phone call from jail while he awaits trial. herald reports security breach never reported to prosecutors or defense team. and investigators found someone assess the data base storing inmate call information specifically looking for calls that involved 2014. but they do not know who. and it is not clear if this revelation will affect his murder conviction pondersing double murder case. >> anchor: two weeks after they were shot in the line of duty. two boston police officers are back home. but they still have a long road to recovery ahead of them. the community is rallying around officers mathew morris and richardson till low. boston finest fund raised $40,000 go fund me to help the
9:39 am
have a link to the page on our website, >> anchor: and local non-profit accused of lying and giving away thousands of needles to drug users in return for nothing. is another story we are covering today. agency runs coke center in brockton where you could get 10 free needles without giving a single used needle in exchange. c.e.o. admits he made a mistake when he promised mayor exchange would be one for one. city councilors worried to discarded needles found across the city. >> i don't think there is any scientific way to really determine that we have contributed to that problem. i believe that we are doing a great service to the city. without question. >> anchor: agency's c.e.o. said his team does regularly help to pick up discard needles and picked up as many as they have given out. >> anchor: we are tracking weather and traffic. drive time on expressway.
9:40 am
from braintree split to exit for pike. shiri? >> weather: showers ending. keep in mind when kids come home from school. i have temperatures cooler. i have more showers redeveloping. look at the time line of those. and take you right to weekend with future cast in less than 10 minutes. >> anchor: a big red sox fan gets fenway brought to him of the makeover to turn a backyard into his very own field of crimes. >> anchor: three years later. marathon bombing survivor gets her belongings back but it c new hampshire has a senator who works just as hard as we do. gerardine ferlins: kelly ayotte believes in the potential of new hampshire, and wants to unleash that potential. ron goguen: she's out there fighting for good-paying jobs. andrew crossley: kelly introduced bipartisan training initiatives to make sure we have the skills for the 21st century. sue winter: she's fought against workplace discrimination - and for equal pay. claude poisson: she's working for the little guy - i'm the little guy. barb fredette: we need kelly fighting for good new hampshire jobs so our kids can raise their families here. sue martin: kelly is a powerful voice for new hampshire's working families. kelly ayotte: i'm kelly ayotte
9:41 am
9:42 am
o vote when it served her purpose, ayotte buddied up to trump, even calling him a role model. would you tell a child to aspire to be like donald trump? oh absolutely, i would do that. but she kept playing politics and flip flopping around. ayotte is running away from trump as quickly as she can. and what she values is her seat. and she's trying - to keep something she values. - i know. kelly ayotte. the politician. looking out for herself. seiu cope is responsible for the content of this advertising. z25rfz zknz
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ionaire koch brothers hosted a fundraiser for kelly ayotte... this is where ayotte voted with the koch brothers 90% of the time. ayotte's campaigns collected millions from corporate interests. and voted for them, not you. she voted wall street banks billions in write offs for executive bonuses. voted big oil billions in tax breaks. but kelly ayotte voted against letting families refinance student loans. and against lowering the cost of prescription drugs. kelly ayotte's not working for new hampshire. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> anchor: halloween is one of the most exciting nights of the year for children. trick-or-treating is around the corner. but for parents and police there
9:44 am
>> anchor: mathuen police have extra officers patrolling on halloween. if you want to see if there of level three sex offenders in your neighborhood you can go to or at your local police department. >> anchor: three years after boston marathon bombing woman injured in the attack got erica branick at the marathon cheering on mom when bombs went off. since then baltimore woman has had multiple surgeries and now walks with a prosthetic leg. in september fbi returned clothes she was wearing that day. branick said nothing brought back memories of the day like seeing torn apart clothing. >> i saw my jeans and how shredded and torn apart they were.
9:45 am
they had kept. and now that i am amputee on left side, it was emotional to see my shoe. >> anchor: branick doesn't know what she will do with the items but she is not ready to see them destroyed. branick is preschool teach and helping the fbi with a new online tool that educates teens about violent extremism. >> anchor: and it is now 9:46. taking a look at weather and traffic together every 10 minutes. route one has opened up making revere. 93 slow approaching summerville o expressway still volume lingering with us. i would guess, always jampacked on expressway no matter the time. 14 minutes on route one, 128 to tobin. 31 minutes on 93 south. 34 minutes on 128 southbound. and from route one in peabody to weston tolls. so i am seeing improvements on roads. share three has something to do
9:46 am
highways lift joy, it has eased up. ugly start to the day. only can get better. impressive rain. when you look at october it is interesting to think this is the first month since february that we have actually had above average rainfall. so dry. that's why we are in a drought. all the months in between. totals for month fell flat. now we have about an inch and a half more than usual in the boston area. just yesterday we got .65 inches of rain. that fell before midnight. since midnight doubled that number in boston. boston 51. now clouds. not showers any more. it is breezy day. winds sustained at 17. gusts to 24. we could see gusts up around 30 traveling through the rest of the day. into the afternoon. so at 11:00 here. i am counting on dry conditions. 52 degrees. temperatures sinking back to 40s during the afternoon. we have a risk for scattered showers. the reason it looks heavy in those icons is because it is breezy. i actually think what we get out
9:47 am
going to be light and pretty patchy. so noon time threat will sit over southern new hampshire for a stray shower. winds are gusting into the 20s. we have got mostly cloudy skies. fingers crossed for a couple of the breaks out there. 5:00 p.m. comes along for evening commute. kevin lemanowicz will track showers for you out there. but lighter and patchy showers on top of that we have got gusts up to 30 miles an hour. and the best bet for afternoon showers. i have to say. will be eastern northeast massachusetts and southern new hampshire. once you start to get into central and western massachusetts it will likely stay dry into the afternoon and evening. there you can see evening showers gradually lighten up and fade away. afternoon temperatures to plan around. upper 40s in boston and lawrence. up to nashua new hampshire. 45. worcester at 42. which is essentially where you are right now. and we have got lower 50s over the cape and islands. look inmostly dry down there as well. but we have so many clouds around. into the day tomorrow.
9:48 am
breaks in the clouds. not busting out to full sun. but it will run partly to mostly cloudy tomorrow. with highs in upper 50s in boston. we have 53 in worcester. and concord new hampshire. 58 in hyenas followed by near 60 on sunday in hyenas. and sunday you will see rainy icons back in the picture. definitely not a washout. future cast here for the day on sunday. on the warm side of the system. but there is a front that will drop toward us. that's enough a trigger that we could seize showers pop up along the fact that future cast is keeping things dry goes to show how widely scattered it would be if we get it. but it is something to keep in the back of your mind as you think ahead to weekend plans. weekend plans, foliage report this week. things are getting worse fast here. especially in central and northern new england. colors are fading or gone if you head north. now getting peak reports in southern most new england with moderate color over long island. but this is probably one of the weekends to go out there to try
9:49 am
because that fading is only going to spread. we have 58 here for the day tomorrow. and 60 degrees on sunday possibly with risk of a couple of showers. monday looks great. halloween. 53 degrees. it will be back in 40s for trick or treats. and looking mostly dry next week. the exception a shower on wednesday. so hopefully we can get out and enjoy the weekend. just think it will be warmer. >> anchor: ghosts and goblins and scary witches at the door. that's right. great pumpkin is haunts to check out around town. witch wood in westford is in extreme fright mode this weekend with their nightmare mansion. haunted hay ride, jack-o-lantern jamboree, and vampire patches and more. if you are looking for an adult costume party. saturday night is the night to shine. >> we have our halloween bash costume party. for the 21 and up crowd. where you can really enjoy a spooky concoction or two.
9:50 am
9:52 am
9:53 am
this is where the oil billionaire koch brothers hosted a fundraiser for kelly ayotte... this is where ayotte voted with the koch brothers 90% of the time. ayotte's campaigns collected millions from corporate interests. and voted for them, not you. she voted wall street banks billions in write offs for executive bonuses. voted big oil billions in tax breaks. against letting families refinance student loans. and against lowering the cost of prescription drugs. kelly ayotte's not working for new hampshire. dscc is responsible for the content
9:54 am
>> anchor: new this morning. old fashion roundup on martha's vineyard. coraling a couple of horse that is got loose. department posted a couple of pictures on facebook. said horses must have decided it was time for an adventure after their barn door blew open in the wind. officers use cars to herd the animals and lead them back home. >> anchor: robin williams love for cycling is continuing a disabilities. 87 of the rare bikes were auctioned off raising $600,000. triple the expected amount. that money will go to challenge athletes foundation and christopher and dana reeve's foundation two causes he actively supported during his life. >> anchor: field of dreams becomes a reality for a young red sox fan with serious medical issues. thomas' backyard looks like fenway thanks to make-a-wish
9:55 am
and undergone 14 surgeries. always dreamed of playing at fenway park. now he can. >> i like wanted to be out there. and play. and i wanted to play and play and play. >> for him greatest thing that could ever happen. >> anchor: red sox helped to make thomas' backyard feel like fenway and donated real sod from park. and green monster, replica sitgo sign and press box. >> anchor: he is happy. >> anchor: he will be >> anchor: i know. >> anchor: everyone meeting at fenway for the park. >> anchor: it is permanent. stays there. >> anchor: he wants to play and play and play. >> anchor: lots of fun. hopefully the weather. >> weather: not great for playing. connecticut is dealing with same thing as us. we have breezy conditions. mostly cloudy. couple of showers redevelop this afternoon. and over to the weekend mostly
9:56 am
9:57 am
joanne: she's not fooling me. britt: kelly ayotte sides with the special interests. vivian: now, she's even playing politic games with medicare.
9:58 am
while protecting tax breaks for the wall street banks and big oil companies that fund her campaign. fred: kelly ayotte sold us out. britt: with kelly ayotte, it's all politics. joanne: she's not looking out for new hampshire anymore. vo: senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. z25w7z zknz
9:59 am
time to review our videos right this minute. a crowd cheers after a newborn is rescued by police. >> that baby was kidnapped. >> see the chilling moments she was taken and the joyous scene when she's back in her daddy's arms. she heard some cry. an inagainous move to get little winny out. >> what happens when some of it finally breaks free. >> i've been on a diet forever. and i will rise. >> potential madness.


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